'Arabeschi di Latte' has done a cooking workshop at the Teatro Franco Parenti in Milan, as a part of Uovo Performing Arts Festival in which the participants prepared food recipes from the epoch of the Italian unification, but without the necessary tools. The tools had to be invented, created, assembled with discarded materials, practicing the art of making do, joy and torment of Italian society.
Preparation process was quite funny. Seeing all the objects that had nothing to do with culinary was making a quite quirky impression. All the Pisa Tower sculptures were being used to press the basil for the preparation of pesto.
A nice way to serve 'zabaglione', halved ping pong balls !
These were the inventions of the day. One of them was invented to mix the eggs and the other one to give a form to the pasta.


Even though we graduated from the same high school, I didn't know her too well. However I always found her tasteful because of the way she went through life, having a deep understanding of design, food, and traveling. These were the things that started our conversations and our friendship. Her blog, 'eat and travel' , is a good way to get an idea about what I am talking about and now I am really happy to know more about her by being in her house.

Her room and her lovely dog Tomy.

The sweet magnolia bakery recipe book purchased to cook pastel toned desserts.

She bought this weird Coca-Cola bottle from Florence in 2001.

The crystal glasses were Efes Pilsen beer bottles turned into whiskey glasses by Maybe Design.

Her mother purchased this bag from Peru.

Composition made of a leather English 'walking bag' bought from Milano, shoes from her one of the favorite shop, Madewell in NY, and hat from a hat shop in Nice.

I really like being surprised while I am visiting houses. This time i was flabbergasted with a huge vintage radio collection owned by her father. A collection that had been accumulating for nearly 40 years: a collection of more than 150 radios, some hi-fi receivers, and speakers and a special hi-fi room.
We listened some music from James Taylor. Once you enter, you don't wanna leave the room!

Back to her room...

While she was in New York, she collected carts and napkins whose graphic design she liked.

The bike strap on the wall is designed by NL Architects for Droog. A good way to store things like books, magazines, and toys. By the way I have to say that I love Droog and their Chest of Drawers designed by Tejo Remy which is one of the Droog classics.