Nino Mustica is an Italian artist. He has really nice taste and his house is fascinating. A mix of old and new; combination of his works and other designs. Its very enjoyable to pass time while you are in this good spirited house. 

Beside this nice ambience, he himself is a really warm person--most likely due to his Sicilian ancestry. So these two reasons and his offer made me stay for lunch. I was very excited for the Sicilian pasta that he would cook.
 We had the lunch on this beautiful balcony.
It must be hard to maintain the congruency of such a wide variety of objects but once you do, the end result is perfection. So unique and rich in character...

These old American rulers were so cute and I have Rebbeca's ruler as a gift:)
His house is more than a gallery of his works but more like a warehouse which consists of hundreds of paintings.