Selin, is a perfect friend and an amazing person. Due to our studies abroad we were seeing each other occasionally during holidays.  What's more she is a good teammate. We have really good memories in this beautiful house mostly after our nights out coming home and playing Trivial Pursuit in the summers
The black armchairs used to belong to her grandmother, and the candles are from a small store in Le Marais, Paris where she used to work before moving to her homeland, Istanbul. With its checherboard marble tiles, entrance is one of my favorite parts of the house.
playing with 'Pablo'
She bought this purple YSL bag from New York and the rug it sits on is a purchase from Machu Picchu, Peru. From the time she volunteered in an orphanage.
This is a scratch-off map that Selin purchased from Singapore. She though its a cute way of keeping track of her travels, her sister also has one.
Selin loves to travel and she has many souvenirs in her room from the places she visited. The boomerang she recently got from Gold Coast, Australia, the Tumbi sculpture and hand crafted mini-notebooks she bought from Cusco, Peru, the Buddha sculpture from Bangkok, Thailand and a hardcover book from Singapore.
Although the living room generally has a Scandinavian effect with its colors, I noticed a few objects like this hand made Ottoman Iron Curtain that create a cozy Bosphorus house feeling. This was designed by her mother and Armenian craftsman made.
You can see the candles reflections seem endless.


Alika is a lucky one and a half year old girl. She lives in this beautiful house and she is the darling of her parents.
Cookies made for her by her grandmother have her name on them.
Her mother started buying things for her as soon as she learned that she is pregnant for her, such as these Christian Dior Barbie Doll. Doll is dressed in classic Christian Dior post-war fashion. She has a silk taupe blouse, a pleated organdy black skirt, black stockings with garters, black panties, a straw hat, black pumps, long black gloves, and a pearl necklace.

These Yves Saint Laurent colouring books are amazing. I personally added them to my wishlist.
Also look at this pop-up book with Alice in Wonderland featuring stunning pop-ups by Robert Sabuda.
 The ceramic sculpture on the wall is from Italy.