IMG_5643IMG_5641Marco is Genoan, together with his partner, they wanted to open somewhere you could find true Genoan homemade food, and spend quality time with friends and family.

IMG_0816IMG_0821IMG_0831IMG_0803 IMG_5830There are really nice interior design solutions , he said that he took inspiration from his travels. Also there are really nice details realted to his hometown;Genova. The posters on the wall belonged to famous Genoan people. On the old tv one of the Gilberto Govi’s films is playing, he is a famous italian actor.IMG_5656IMG_5730 IMG_5728There is a place where you can play bocciofila (boules) in the backyard.IMG_5732IMG_5740 IMG_5712IMG_5692IMG_5671minestrone alla genoveseIMG_5674filetto di pescato alle ligureIMG_5766

I really like this place, the food and all the friendly staff.



thanks to alihan for editing the video
3 DSC_0152

DSC_0007Peanutbutter cookie and homemade lemonade for me :)DSC_0009Even a small bite from his cookie made me realize that he is a really great cook! I should definitely visit him again if only for his cooking ability. 1 IMG_0006 IMG_0115IMG_0117DSC_0066

I love the Chandelier on the corner which is designed by Verner Panton.
Lanscape lounge designed by Jeffrey Bernett, B&B.
DSC_0222DSC_0213 DSC_0055DSC_0185

Even though Deniz couldn't exactly remember how the conversation went, this penguin that embellished the display at Beymen Blender all of a sudden took its place next to the fireplace after Murat Turkili gave it to them as a gift. DSC_0026Clock designed by George Nelson IMG_0070DSC_0030DSC_0028
The painting with Ece Sukan on which the library reflects, is done by young artist Halil Vurucuoglu.
IMG_0093 DSC_0078
DSC_0107 2 IMG_0039 IMG_0145




DSC_0725Shirt, Blender Originated.




Dressing up is one of the most motivating thing for Ulku. When it comes to putting together outfits, she combines vintage pieces, her own designs, and pieces from her favorite brand "Chloé".

DSC_0491Although her room was in the process of being decrated I knew that Ulku and her dressing room would be interesting to explore and photograph.

DSC_0502jDress American Apparel. Silver belt and rings, Ortakoy. Vintage pocket watchs Galata/İstanbul and Barcelona


DSC_0498Vintage leather jacket from Barcelona


DSC_0056 DSC_00270


Accessories are collected from her grandmother, her mother and her mothers friends.

She is very glad that her mother kept most of her stuff, including her red Converse Shoes! Her favorite vintage jackets are from her mother.


1DSC_0256DSC_0178DSC_0266Shirt, Robert Rodriguez/Beymen. Shorts, H&M. Shoes, Givenchy.


Ulku with her bible which she bought from Bread+Butter in Berlin.