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DSC_0007Peanutbutter cookie and homemade lemonade for me :)DSC_0009Even a small bite from his cookie made me realize that he is a really great cook! I should definitely visit him again if only for his cooking ability. 1 IMG_0006 IMG_0115IMG_0117DSC_0066

I love the Chandelier on the corner which is designed by Verner Panton.
Lanscape lounge designed by Jeffrey Bernett, B&B.
DSC_0222DSC_0213 DSC_0055DSC_0185

Even though Deniz couldn't exactly remember how the conversation went, this penguin that embellished the display at Beymen Blender all of a sudden took its place next to the fireplace after Murat Turkili gave it to them as a gift. DSC_0026Clock designed by George Nelson IMG_0070DSC_0030DSC_0028
The painting with Ece Sukan on which the library reflects, is done by young artist Halil Vurucuoglu.
IMG_0093 DSC_0078
DSC_0107 2 IMG_0039 IMG_0145

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  1. OMFG! DENIZ ASIK! i am deeply in love with him. when he quit blank mag i committed suicide.
    i was fan of his gorgeous body, baby face and amazing style.
    the house is as cool as him.