During my trip to Paris, I wanted to visit one of my sister's best friends Ece. The day after we had dinner together, I paid a visit to her Parisienne home, which is located in one of the busiest streets of Etienne Marcel. She has been living in this apartment for almost a year. And despite her short tenure here, her decorative initiatives has transformed this classic Paris apartment into a cosy home.

The photo of 3 best friends, Elif (my sister), Ece and Beyza after their prom, looking happy, which Beyza had sent her via nostalgic mail.

She has long been a fan of this bag before her mother bought it for her as a gift. She calls it 'The Queen of the Bags'.
Her mother has a fondness for both Chanel and Paris. These books are gifts from her . She has been a big influence on her moving to Paris.
My favorite part of the house, the kitchen.

Repetto's are wardrobe stample for her, black pairs for winter and beige ones for summer.

She got this shirt from Acne when she visited Paris before moving to the city at the time Acne and Lanvin had collaborated.
Her first tattoo with a balloon and her sisters name. Her own drawing.
While enjoying some freshly baked baguettes from Paul's boulangerie downstairs from her apartment.