Pitti Taste was the reason why I decided to make a trip to Florence (the photos of this trip are coming soon). The final tally was a group of 8 gourmet souls meeting for the delicious food of Florence. Some of them were also interested in the fair but primarily it was the "Fiorentina Steak" that brought us together. We had reservations at the Trattoria Gobbi 13. As soon as I entered the place, I thought it was the cutest trattoria that I had ever been to. The sharp decorations, the ceramic plates, and the gloomy atmosphere created with the candles formed my first impressions.

We started with the appetizers: buffalo mozzarella, prosciutto, pecorino, and gorgonzola cheese were the ones I remember. Then arrived 'rigatoni', Gobbi's famous speciality, to pretty much every single table. I don't think I noticed a single neighboring table that did not have rigatonis on it.
Fiorentina Steak was the pinnacle of our dining experience which I can only describe as "phenomenal".
The next day we decided to go there for a second time and strengthen our memories of the scrumptious food. We started with buffalo mozzarellas again. Then I had myself some onion soup while one of my friends had the "Tortellini in Brodo".

I can say that Gobbi 13 was a cozy place not only because of the decoration and the near-magical atmosphere, but also because of the employees who were incredibly nice and warm.


It hasn't been too long since she moved back to Istanbul from Italy, where she first graduated from Marangoni and then worked as a designer at Alberta Ferretti. She quickly became one of the most well-known and successful designers in Turkey. I can safely say that she is one of the few Turkish designers whose collections I anticipate with the utmost curiosity.

While everyone usually raves about her success in design, her genuine personality also doesn't go unnoticed. She passionately talks to me about her design process in fine detail.

This jacket, that is her own design, is one of the crown pieces of her past collection.Alongside her amusing designs, she has a real good taste of style and a closet full of unique and rare pieces of clothing, vintage accessories, and garments spanning almost every worthy brands. Her hat collection is also a sight to behold.

I guess this is the flag that is used in Beefeater Collection's shooting which she collaborated with Jonathan Saunders.