10gıuseppe9 Although he is really busy at work, as a Louis Vuitton Italia’s Press Manager, Giuseppe is extremely glad to be a part of such a prestigious well-known brand , being next to unbelievebly talented people and being able to travel a lot. He thinks that his job requires professionalism and from my perspective, one of the factors behind his success in his work is being a great person . He believes that everyone can be succesfull when he or she finds a right thing to do and give all the energy for it…

12413 When I first entered Giuseppe’s house after a sweet welcome, the first thing I noticed was the Lv shoes standing in the middle of the room. I believe that most shoes with great designs deserve more than standing inside the boxes and for me ,seeing them outside of the usual functions meant admiring the designer geniunly and also it is a for great visual feast me.


Freja Beha photograph taken by Adriano Russo.


One of the things he likes to do at home is arranging flowers.


Sweet handmade Mua Mua dolls that are designed by his friend Ludovica Virga are being sold on web sites like Luisaviaroma.


Lv Shoes in the bathroom.

8 Turkish peshtemal was purchased from his vacation to Istanbul, from Grand Bazaar.

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