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Dilara has just begun her fashion degree course in Central Saint Martins which she thinks that it is a place full of creativity and competition.She observes that there are many people who are just showing up their clothes and doing nothing except competing with each other with their styles like they pop out from streetsytle blog beside the very talented ones.

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I think she is one of the talented ones. I really liked her work the ugly man head, in which she used fimo clay.


Her shiny sketchbook.

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Her rich closet gave us ability to play with the styling and we had so many different looks during the photoshoot. She has wide collection of sunglasses but I think her beautiful face shoudn’t be covered with them all the time.


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The hat is from ebay for 2 dollars.

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Most of the pieces are her design like this blouse and mini shorts on the photo.

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She really loves dolls that are beautifully dressed and have bodies like Barbie. She tries to buy as much as she can when she travells because she can hardly find limited editions and collector ones. Some barbies whic are being sold in Harrods has already captured her eye but she has to compromise little bit from her budget to buy them.

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D&G lace shirt, vintage Chanel shorts, Victor&Rolf belt


  1. i loved 'the ugly man head' and she looks gorgeous

  2. As it seems we have an outstanding photographer and an unbelievable model here! Especially the photo in the garden with hose is where Dilara is incredibly hot and in a masculin sense define what women is... lovely

  3. Sometimes when you look at the clothes of someone, you think that's not her style and it's been stolen from someone else. But when i look at dilara, i feel everthing on her and in her house really belongs to her. Dilara, keep on being yourself!

  4. ahahahah i think dilara is upgraded version of begüm berdan who is another turkish enthusiast studying design in central st. martin