The entree with porcelain plates and romantic wallpapers lead me to the living room where I meet blue quilted velvet sofas and various other porcelains alongside other wares.
This house is full of deep and meaningful wares. Charcoal drawings of her friend Leyla Gediz, high school drawings of her mother, her own collages… Furthermore this charcoal drawing of Melis's hair by Leyla Gediz became her wedding invitation card at 2008.

She has a big collection of second hand porcelains. She tries to collect not sets but separate single missing pieces which she thinks makes the pieces more unique and meaningful.
Besides she has been painting porcelains for almost 2 years and these are her first trials of the 'Meissen' motifs.
iPod is one of the most playful cats I have ever seen. He poses on French Louis chair purchased from an antiquarian in Çukurcuma. 
While reading a lovely book about Jacqueline Kennedy and the Island Capri sponsored by Tods, 'Un Mito nel Mito - Jacqueline a Capri'.
Chanel shoes posing on the heirloom art deco mirrored closet with one of her favorite bags from Haremlique .
Her books, porcelains, and her shoes are arguably the first things she would take with her to a deserted island if she had to choose 3 things and 3 things only. Her Manolo Blahniks are her favorite ones--a pair of ephemeral sources of joy.

The individual colors her husband has diligently ripped out of an entire Pantone Catalogue to make them into a 'Pantone Jam' stands tribute to his unending patience in his room.


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