I didn't know what to expect to see in Tuba's house, but I at the very least imagined her house to be proper reflection of how she looked: pretty. Mixed and matched, fresh, relaxed, and chic.
Frida Kahlo's strong personality and the courage she displays in painting her pains are the main reasons Tuba likes her.
Pregnancy was the main reason for her to start writing her first book 'Benim Tatlı Komposto Günlüğüm', which is a diary that she kept while she was pregnant. It was sort of a relief and escape from the painful process.

I feel like Turkish tiles were the starting point for determining the colors of the house. Turquoise, blue, and various tones of red.

 At the age of 19, when she started making money, she decided to invest art she could afford. Then her collection grew larger with time. The artpiece above belongs to Merve Morkoç.

The tiles at the bedside were originally made to put in the bathroom. However the architect of the house, Yalın Tan, thought it could give a kitch vibe so he changed his mind and put them in the bedroom.

The circular art piece on the wall belongs to Haluk Akakçe, her friend and roommate from when she lived in New York.
She launched a line of dresses for proms and summer parties in collaboration with Koton and this is her modeling for her own campaign 'Tuba Ünsal Loves Koton'.

'Youssef Nabil'
                                                                      Turbine Clock by George Nelson


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