I remember seeing the photos of 'La Casa delle Scatole' -Box House- somewhere and contacting Alesandro Capellaro, one of the founders of 'b-arch' studio together with Sabrina Bignami. Curious about the person behind the house, now there I was, standing in front of the Duomo of Prato, waiting to meet Alessandro. I would have never guessed that he would be this welcoming and genuine.. After a coffee in Prato, dinner in his house in Florance and meeting for the shooting, I knew that he was a passionate man. He likes the colour orange, being with friends, enjoying few solitary moments doing nothing, cooking, travelling, listening to music, discovering new things and much more. As an architect his biggest sources are streets, "garbage" and the internet, which is becoming the best marketplace for him as the time goes by..
An ex carpentry workshop, now full of  300 vintage voting boxes he bought in an auction, his house is truly original.
When I asked him what he likes to buy, especially from flea markets, he told me; memories, 60's design and orange objects. It was when I realized how much orange he used in the house. Even though I don't like the color, It didn't bother me at all.
 After purchasing the space, he destroyed most of the walls and created a space separated with wooden boxes. He wanted to have the  possibility to move any item and recreate the space anytime he wants. Also as an architect one of his principles when he is designing a contemporary space is to create a space which is moveable or convertible. 
The night before the shooting, we were invited to a dinner cooked by him where all the food was brought from their local places. Spaghetti alla chitarra with 'bottarga' from Orbetello Lake, Prosciutto di Cormons del sig D' Osvaldo and many other things that made the dinner exceptional. Then we moved by the fireplace, where  continued our conversation about food. He told us about their trip with Sabrina to Puglia, Valle d'Itria, Locorotondo e Martinafranca where they found the very best restaurant of the year, 'L'Antica Locanda di Noci'. I left with many other stories which made me wanna take a road trip and drive around the country discovering all the places I've never been to as soon as possible.


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