Katia and Franco's house has one of the best views in all of Naples, with the entire city and the sea within eyeshot of their balcony. Hence they like to invite people over often and enjoy this magnificent view in their company.
The bowls are collected during their travels, even including one from İstanbul.
They transformed this house into an open space to make exactly this kind of friendly gettogethers possible. They have a open kitchen where they prepared the best Spritz I have ever drank, which is something I normally don't like. The recipe consists of aperol, prosecco, some ice, and some fresh orange slices.

Also completely out of nowhere the neighbors joined us, whose balcony were very close to ours, and shared the homemade pizza they had just cooked. We had an impromptu feast with some impromptu friends and on such a random night it was the pleasentest of surprises!
While I was in Naples we spent 2 of our nights in places they owned beside their house. One of the places is called Trip, where they organize different events every night. While we were there, there was a live concert and we enjoyed some nice aperativo with authentic Napolitan food in the garden. Katia told us that lately she has ben focusing on the design of this place even more then she does with her own house.
Background of the stage that had drawings done by children and window-turned-library were my favorite things in the place.

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