Antonio Giuseppe Martiniello is the successful architect behind this apartment in an 18th century building in the heart of Naples. It had stayed empty for 90 years before he moved in and then a magical architectural touch by Antonio woke this sleeping beauty up and caught it up to design in terms of modern standards.
Photo by Walter Picardi.

Tiles on the floor, hand painted walls, and ceilings of the past mix with the contemporary art and design in this home-studio-gallery.
 He likes to play with space and light, which he thinks are the two main elements that define the environment. The current space and the natural light alignment, coupled with the original position of the rooms, readily creates a fabulous atmosphere. You can see the rooms settled side by side.

Purple couch "On the Rocks" by Edra.
Red doors takes us inside of the kitchen.
One of my favorite works in the house, photo by Salvino Campus.
Emerald green and black couch by Alcantara Frichetto from 80's and the stars on the wall by Rosy Rox.
A work of Alberto Tadiello.
Rosy Rox
Federico Del Vecchio
Incredible walls from the past renovated perfectly.

Antonio and his car, as seen from his window.

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