A sneak peek through the huge windows can make you wonder what's inside. You can think it is a house. But if you give it a try, upon opening the door you will see the magical atmosphere of Ayse Orberks shop in Cukurcuma, Istanbul.
When you enter the place you are awestuck for a moment and find yourself daydreaming. It seems like the house of a person with the finest taste in high ceilinged old buildings with huge windows and old parquets. I would go as far as to say that it appears to be the owner's second home, a place to host friends and spend some quality time. It looks like it was organized meticulously, as if she lived in those quarters full time. A burning fire place, an antic piano, drinks, and fresh fruit treats affirms the feeling that you are paying a visit to a friend in her home.
She likes the showcase various objects, collected only if found in their indigenous resting places.
I knew this place from my high school years since my high school was just few steps further. But I never knew first floor extended all the way to the top floor and opened to a big balcony from which you can see the entire area full of antique and design shops and historical buildings. I think that the black wall and fallen part create a really nice texture.
So if you wanna shop in this exceedingly charming atmosphere here is the adress:

                                           Turnacıbaşı Sokak No 51 Çukurcuma, İstanbul


  1. Irem, I was wondering about this place since I saw some photos in your facebook gallery. My wife and I should definitely get there in our long delayed trip to Çukurcuma; thank you for posting this!
    Your blog confirms to be one of the finest around. Very well written, in the simple, understated but warm style of a host accompanying the reader in magic visits; and a "great eye" for photography displayed in your pictures as well: do you take them all by yourself?
    I've also seen your new Big press (at least new to me); I guess the right contacts may help but everything is very well-deserved! Sincere congrats and keep it up!

  2. Hey Filippo, thank you so much for your beautiful words! This shop is one of the secret shops in Istanbul, you and your wife will love it:)
    I am taking all the photos by myself because I want to tell their stories from my point of view.
    Enjoy Istanbul!!

  3. This place is magical!! A vintage-inspired home is not complete without huge and rusty windows. It just makes the environment more classy and charming.