Ismet Dogan is a comtemporary artist who lives in this historical building situated in Beyoglu, Istanbul. The room behind him is where they watch movies and installations and discuss them with other people and the photo above is the entrance of the building.

Besides his natural intelligence, he reads voraciously. Huge library of his own design is a fortress for his most valuable belongings

In most of his work he utilizes mirrors, mostly to distort and create an illusion, to manipulate reality.
His last exhibition called "All is External: Yerim Seni", offers us figures who try to bite, tear, and cut one another.
Even though removing the doors would be more useful with respect to light and space, he chooses to keep them as they are to respect the original construction of the apartment.
The apartment overlooks the backyard of a historic high school, Lycee de Galatasaray.



  1. Really nice house ,modern with a minimal style . Love it!

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