When the train arrived to Bergamo, I was still sleeping. I was wishing that the travel took longer because Milan to Bergamo is a really short, hour-long, ride.
But she arrived with her Vespa to pick me up and as soon as I hopped on, the fresh air awakened me immediately.
After buying our bread and newspaper from the cute city center, we arrived at her house in an 20th building. 

Her family.

Striped pants and top, both of her design. She purchased the leather fabric from Istanbul.

        Pistachio cake with cream and plums served with her mothers porcelain cups. It couldn't get better...
Risotto with beans for lunch.

She was one of my classmates from college, whose works I liked. The visit to her house was also a farewell. She will be working in Copenhagen in the upcoming months for a really prominent designer.

I started liking these limited Martin Margiele Tabi boots when I saw on her.
While she was purchasing these photos from a second hand market, the seller told her that these photos were army boy's 'best friends' in old times.


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  2. bunu bence yayinlaman gerekiyor!!!
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