Louis Vuitton and Elle Turkey's collaboration for the may issue and the cover starred Nil Karaibrahimgil in Louis Vuitton’s 2012 Spring Summer collection. 

Fragrant violet Wisteria Sinensis flowers of Hotel Splendido, which normally bloom in the spring. Yet I couldn't put these posts up until now in the summer because I thought that I had lost these pictures right after I took them in April. They surprised me by revealing themselves in a hidden little file on my computer. So I thought that I should share them with you.

Melis Agazat, Fashion Director of Elle Turkey. I held the position of assisting to her. While I was rushing from one place to another, I was also taking photos of the backstage. The lead photographer was Tamer Yilmaz.

 During the shoot we had stayed in a magnificent hotel, Hotel Splendido, which is situated on  a hillside overlooking the picturesque harbour of Portofino.
Tea time

Merry Go Round pumps are the desire objects of the season and dream of all the women. 
Isin Gormus, publising director of Elle Turkey 

Louis Vuitton Gold Collar


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