There are some friends whose homes can be revisited repeatedly as their worlds are everchangingly worthwhile each time I do so. I hadn't realize that it had been 2 years since our first shoot with her for ODA, but  out of nowhere, we both felt like we wanted another go at it. After all, what is better than photographing flamboyance and style--especially when they emanate from my good friend Dilara!
White mini dress is purchased from a vintage shop and it was on the cover of a Vogue magazine in the 60's.

Our roots and Istanbul, the city that where we were both raised in, is an infinite source for inspiration. I find us very lucky to be born in this charming city where many cultures merge together. Her tattoo is inspired by the tulips on Ottoman tiles.

She likes her blue Opening Ceremony velvet boots mostly because they remind her of  Moulin Rouge. They are my favorites too.


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