Wide open windows, gorgeous beams of light, powder pink antoriums, burning Diptyque candles, and some good tunes in the background...I saw Aslı welcoming me--in a black mini dress--through the luminousness to her minimalistically chic and impeccably decorated house. 
   Yves Saint Laurent Tie-Up Suede And Metal-Plate Pumps
It was 12 pm and she was giving me my first coffee of the day. However she had already had hers, long before I came, before going her shoot for Harper's Bazaar Magazine at 7 am in the morning. She is the fashion director of Bazaar and also designer of Beymen.
The red box with the peculiar head illustration on the cover of the 36th issue of McSweeney's Quarterly Concern is by artist Matt Furie. It began in 1998 as a literary journal that published only works rejected by other magazines. That rule was soon abandoned. This issue features a handwritten, illustrated story, four postcards, uncut roll of fortune-cookie fortunes, eight booklets and more. Each issue comes with a different design and different content.
Helmut Newton vintage lithographs with signatures.

A timeless iconic Louis Vuitton Nomad Noe bag originally produced for champagne bottles.

iPad in hand and a cup of tea at her side. Wearing a silk kimono or a cotton robe, with white ballet shoes that complement her Frenchitude--this is how you can imagine Aslı sitting in her balcony on sunny days.

The plastic ice-cube tray was an invitation for Stella McCartney's Spring 2012 fashion show. Stella's invitations and campaigns are always unique and full of humor--I love it!  The invitation  connects with her post-show comments: "It's a celebration of energy, freshness, and fitness".


  1. Love this Dogan Apartment in Galata. Simple but stylish objects...


  2. Asli'cim muthistir.. Onun muhtesem stili sayenizde daha da iyi anlasilacak bundan da eminim.. harika bir post olmus, daha ilk karede Asli Abbasoglu oldugunu anlamistim zarif bilekleri ve saclarinin minik topuzu ile.. Cok keyifliydi bu gorseller benim icin.. gercekten gonulden tesekkur ediyorum ;)

  3. Home art ekim sayısı olmasa sizi tanıyamayacaktım. Bloğunuzu çok beğendim. Başarılar dilerim.

  4. Ev o kadar Asli Abbasoglu ki, bunu her detayda gormek mumkun. İlham alıcak cok sey var, onu ve ruhundaki dinginliği eleganlıgı cok seviyorum.
    Harika bir post olmus yine İrem, tebrikler!